Cafero v. McKinney Could Have Substantial Influence on Legislative Session

One is the minority leader of the state Senate and the other is the same for the state House of Representatives. Both want the governor’s office. The prelim battle could have some serious influence on how this legislative session proceeds. Larry Cafero v. John McKinney—what does it mean?

First, it should be fairly stated that neither has a clear path to Gov. Dannel Malloy in 2014. Former Bush administration ambassador Tom Foley is the favorite. Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton is a smart, energetic, capable and likable person. However the first battle is who from the General Assembly can emerge.

Full disclosure: I was the communications director for the Senate Democrats for a number of years.

John McKinney is a serious, thoughtful legislator. The logical run would have been against then-freshman Congressman Jim Himes in 2010 for the position his father, Stuart McKinney, had for many years He bypassed that race and now Himes is what a key insider called, “a political stud.” That seat is gone.

Larry Cafero, in The Shad’s view, is the worst kind of politician. Bloviating, vindictive and at best, ethically challenged. He many times joked he should be wearing a “lobbyist badge” referring to the fact his law firm also has a deep and profitable lobbying arm, which of course, he has nothing to do. Yeah, right.

The intrigue is in how this all plays out in this session of the General Assembly. Both have trashed Malloy’s budget proposal—it’s not hard to stand out there since even top Dems have called it a joke.
They real issue is the post-Sandy Hook legislation. Cafero cowardly refused to show up to the rally against gun violence last Thursday and then complained that Gov. Malloy cut money for back ground checks. How can anyone take this guy seriously?

McKinney, on the other hand, attended the rally, took his sometimes unfair lumps because he is a Republican, but stood firm because Newtown is in his district.

Neither may get the nomination but it’s clear who is the better choice.