Conn. Bell Factory Owner Looks for Tea Party Support in Potential US Senate Race Against Mitch McConnell

Matt Bevin is known in Connecticut as the guy who rebuilt his East Hampton bell factory after it burned to the ground from a lightning strike last Memorial Day. Now he’s becoming known as the man who wants to challenge US Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in a Republican primary in Kentucky. He’ll need Tea Party support to do it and that may be tough.

The Hill in Washington, DC reported earlier this week that Bevin is interested in challenging McConnell. Bevin is trying to make the argument that he would be a more reliable supporter of the Tea Party than McConnell. It remains to be seen whether he can get traction.

Tea Party members are sometimes suspicious about politicians trying to play on their brand. For instance, they point out Bevin contributed to a Democratic candidate for mayor of Louisville and famously worked with Democratic US Sen. Richard Blumenthal to secure some grant money for the rebuilding of the Bevin Bell factory.

Bevin’s drive to rebuild the factory was widely praised in business circles, even earning him a place in Hartford Courant business guru Dan Haar’s “Top Ten Business Stories of 2012.” Bevin currently lives and works for an investment firm in Louisville.