Tough Flu Season has other States and Cities Considering Following Conn.’s Lead on Paid Sick Leave

Driven by one of the toughest flu seasons in years, other state and cities across the country are considering new laws requiring paid sick leave. Connecticut is the only state in the nation with the controversial paid sick leave requirement, having had it become law on Jan. 1, 2012.

This year’s flu vaccine has worked in only 56 percent of those who received the shot (The Shad learned that one the hard way). That has many workers, manly in lowering paying jobs, left to choose whether to call in sick and lose their day’s pay or go to work sick and spreading the illness.

The debate over paid sick leave in Connecticut pitted Democrats and unions against business interests. Business leaders say it has forced small businesses to cut back elsewhere such as in pay raises or any chance of hiring new workers. Labor leaders and Gov. Dannel Malloy say it’s a health issue and doesn’t have a big impact on business at all.

According to the Wall Street Journal, legislators in Massachusetts, Maryland and Washington are considering paid sick leave laws. The same is true for some cities such as Philadelphia and Portland, Oregon.