Foley Steps in it with Attack on State Legislature

Former and future Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley really blew it this week with his testimony before a legislative committee on an ethics bill. He needs to remember it’s all about the presentation.

In support of the bill which itself has no chance of passing unless legislators want to basically take themselves all out of office, Foley managed to honk off just about everyone including members of his own party. You see, as a general rule, people aren’t crazy about being called crooks—or hens.

Foley may have had a calculated political motivation for the testimony but to say he overreached is an understatement. It’s fairly transparent that one target of his remarks was potential rival House Minority Leader Larry Cafero who is a fairly easy target on the lobbyist-lawmaker issue.

In the bigger picture, Foley should be the frontrunner for the GOP nomination for a rematch with Malloy having lost by a razor-thin margin last time around. But obviously he needs the support of his party. Miscalculations like his scathing words about all things General Assembly won’t help.