The Hartford Courant’s Jon Lender is out with another story about Republican gubernatorial frontrunner Tom Foley’s problems stemming from a bitter divorce; so bitter that it did or did not include domestic abuse, depending on what statements of his ex-wife’s are to be believed.

Last week the Courant reported on two arrests in Foley’s past. The charges were dropped in each. The one that seems more serious involved a charge by his ex-wife that Foley ran Lisa Foley’s car containing her and their son off the road in 1993. That claim and other charges of domestic abuse were contained in information Lisa Foley presented to then-Governor John Rowland in 2002. Lisa Foley objected to her ex-husband being appointed as co-chairman of a commission on divorce and custody.

The story has taken yet another turn as Foley has produced to the Courant a statement signed by his ex-wife in 2006 saying he never abused her.

The story is unlikely to go away because Foley’s rivals for the nomination for governor won’t let it. Both Oz Griebel and Mike Fedele have called on Foley to disclose all information pertaining to the arrests.