Of Robocalls and Silencers, The NRA has No Shame

Much has been made about the NRA’s robocalls urging people—including residents of Newtown—to call their legislators and implore them to oppose any gun control measures. But in addition to that, the organization is also involved in the effort to promote gun silencers even going so far to argue their use is for the hearing health of children and for keeping down healthcare costs. The group has no shame.

There is nothing wrong with robocalls. They are a sometimes effective yet sometimes annoying way to reach the public or the electorate. But the NRA could have scrubbed Newtown phone numbers from the call list. They either are clueless about technology (which is highly unlikely), inadvertently insensitive or maybe calling Newtown was part of their plan which is disgusting.

The Newtown robocalls sparked the ire of Connecticut’s top elected officials, US Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy. Blumenthal called the calls “a repugnant tactic.”

Getting less attention is the NRA’s backing of efforts to keep gun silencers legal and even promote their use. It doesn’t take a gun expert to figure out silencers are used when the shooter doesn’t want to be heard. Think of what would have happened in the Colorado movie theatre massacre if the sound of gunfire wasn’t heard, or worse, if the monster shooting up Sandy Hook Elementary School wasn’t heard. The sound of Adam Lanza shooting up the place enabled at least some in the building to take cover and survive.

The Shad was first alerted to the NRA’s promotion of silencers by an article in Salon.com. The article says in part about silencers, ‘“Billions of dollars are spent every year in our healthcare system for hearing loss conditions, such as shooting-related tinnitus,”’ explained the NRA. It was a very important point that had long been overlooked in the gun control debate; because if there is a single pressing gun safety issue in America today, it is the hearing, comfort and convenience of recreational shooters who find orange earplugs unsightly.” How true.

I haven’t written much about the gun control/gun violence debate (that’s to come) but absolutely beyond me how the NRA continues to any support at all.