Raucous Pro-Gun Crowd Keeps Governor Away from Autism Event

Everyone expected things to get loud and contentious when the Connecticut Sportsman Association, with backing from the NRA, decided to bus into the state Capitol gun owners who object to the bipartisan legislation taken up today. But the packed crowed resulted in an unintended casualty—an autism awareness event.

Gov. Dannel Malloy was supposed to attend the event. It was held in the Old Judiciary room, a beautiful and ornate room where special events are held. The problem was that because of the layout of the Capitol you can’t get to the meeting space without passing the senate chambers and one of the caucus rooms.

It’s a fairly short distance to walk but the space from the stairs to Old Judiciary was packed with protestors. The governor security detail decided the governor shouldn’t try to walk through the crowd and hence, he missed his appearance at the event.

The Shad understands the protestors were acting lawfully. However, it’s sad that the governor could not attend the event. Yesterday was World Autism Awareness Day and April is Autism Awareness Month.

Legislative leaders walked the gauntlet of protestors. Senate Majority Leader Marty Looney was not intimidated. “No, not all. They were exercising their right of assembly and their free speech right. We knew what to expect.”