Malloy on CNN: LaPierre, NRA, ‘Clowns at the Circus’

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy let loose on the NRA and its executive vice president and chief spokesman Wayne LaPierre calling them, “…clowns at the circus,” in an appearance Sunday morning on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Candy Crowley.

LaPierre was on before Malloy and said the new anti-gun violence measures signed into law by Malloy this past Thursday only makes it tougher on law abiding citizens.

Malloy’s appearance was particularly effective with this trademark bluntness and the unabashed manner in which he makes his points. However, later in the interview he somewhat jumped ugly with the interviewer Candy Crowley, cutting her off and criticizing her for not asking tougher questions of LaPierre claiming she “let him the hook.” She is not the problem. Her questions were fair and relevant. Malloy needs me be more careful to walk a fine line between making his point and attacking the person asking the questions.