It’s full steam ahead to the political party primaries after this long, July 4th weekend as more and more candidates are qualifying for public financing under the Citizens Election Program.

Lt. Governor and Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Fedele became the first GOP statewide candidate to qualify by raising $250,000 in increments of $100 or less. So too did his “running mate” Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton. Of course, Boughton could end up with Fedele, Oz Griebel or frontrunner Tom Foley as his running mate or Fedele, theoretically, could end up with lt. gov. candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley because the offices are chosen separately in the primary.

There has already been a debate between Tom Foley and Mike Fedele over the virtues of public financing—Fedele has qualified for it while Foley wants to repeal the law. He is spending his own money.

Things are almost as strange on the Democratic side. Party-endorsed candidate Dan Malloy has qualified for public financing while his rival, millionaire businessman Ned Lamont says he favors the public financing system but is funding his own campaign—not a lot of credibility there.