The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

Zamboni water fill only

It’s been a while and things have been piling up on the desk so here we go. With deference to the Boston Globe sportswriter Nick Cafardo (for the name), here’s The Hanging Shad’s “Apropos of Nothing.”

I saw live Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware break his leg in the NCAA tournament. Sorry, but if he was a hockey player, he would have stuffed his tibia back in his leg, walked it off, and got back into the game. Just kidding. That was as gruesome as it gets and worse than Joe Theismann.

It’s my experience that Connecticut TV meteorologists/weathercasters are the nicest people in media. Bob Maxon, Brad Field, Joe Furey, Sam Sampieri and others are just wonderful to work with on set. But it’s NBC Connecticut’s Ryan Hanrahan that gets props for his honesty in trying to forecast April weather. “Temperature forecasting just plain sucks this time of year,” he wrote on his must-read blog. Awesome, Ryan.

There’s a reason I don’t watch theses reality, performing TV shows. A while back I caught five minutes of The Voice. In it, Usher was trying to make the case that music goes far beyond country. “Nashville is just a state,” he declared. Brilliant. I will admit however, that I can be lured into to watching Shakira.

There seems to be this fad of finding holy images in food. We’ve had Jesus in a grilled cheese:

Jesus in Grilled cheese


Mother Teresa in a sticky bun:

mother teresa in sticky bun


…and others. Strange. I once saw an image of John the Baptist in a bowl of Dinty Moore beef stew but I was really hungry so…

I am totally ready for the Frozen Four—college hockey’s version of the Final Four. The best part is two of the four teams left—Yale and Quinnipiac and—are from Greater New Haven; no perennial powerhouses Boston College, Boston University, Minnesota, North Dakota or Maine this year. Quinnipiac plays St. Cloud State (MN) and Yale continues its Cinderella Story by taking on UMass-Lowell in the other semi-final. Both games are today. How cool would it be if the Q played Yale for the championship?

Nothing like taking in a night baseball game in early April. Me and a couple thousand of my closest, soggy friends underneath the bleachers at Fenway in a downpour. And the Sox lost with the wheels coming off in the top of the ninth. Ugh.