Long Campaign Season in Store if Cafero’s Rant is any Indication

Legislators, staff, lobbyists and others at the state Capitol are used to hearing House Minority Leader Larry Cafero bloviate in the well of the House. His diatribes are at times unlistenable, annoying and irritating to some (including The Shad). But at least he is usually addressing a matter of substance, giving an opposing view to majority Democrats—usually. It seems that Cafero’s thoughts of a gubernatorial campaign will make for a very long session if his rant this week is any indication.

The House was considering a bill that would require relevant state agencies to come with plan to encourage the use of recycled asphalt to pave highways. It wouldn’t cost taxpayers a dime. It passed unanimously out of the transportation committee. Slam dunk, right? Not for Cafero who seemed to be trying to sell a bigger picture, “government is bad” message.

According to CTNewsJunkie, Cafero railed against the bill for two and half minutes, saying it’s an example of why “people don’t like us” and “it’s just what’s wrong a lot of times with state government.” Wow. Encouraging recycled asphalt is what’s wrong with state government? Who knew?

The point is Cafero wants Gov. Dannel Malloy’s job. But first he has to get by 2010 Republican nominee Tom Foley and possibly (much more serious legislator) Senate Minority Leader John McKinney and popular Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton. That spells continuous, exasperating speeches by Cafero for the last two and a half months of the session. Perhaps a nonprofit could set up a booth to sell earplugs.