The Fourth of July was a busy one in Connecticut. If you missed it, The Shad made an appearance to talk politics with talented host Laurie Perez on FOX-61 TV’s “The Real Story.” In the seemingly lightning-fast segment, we covered just about all the big political races in the state and a big, screen-wide graphic of The Hanging Shad webpage. Stay tuned for more appearances on that and other political shows.

The Shad is a bit ashamed to admit (not really) that despite living in Connecticut for some 20-plus years, I had never been to the Boom Box Parade in Willimantic until yesterday. And yes, I have been missing out.

Despite the heat, folks turned out in droves to see the longest Boom Box Parade in history. The story goes that back in 1983, Willimantic didn’t have a band to play patriotic music for a Fourth of July parade so in a stroke of radio programming genius (which are few and far between, believe me), the local station invited everyone to bring their own radios—or boom boxes—set to the radio station’s music and march. I believe that not unlike a vintage fire engine, some of the original 1983 boom boxes were on display yesterday.

After talking about them in the morning, The Shad saw pols Dan Malloy, Ned Lamont, Mary Glassman, Oz Griebel, Janet Peckinpaugh and probably missed a bunch of others.