DeLuca Just Can’t Get Over Prague’s Influence and Success

Former state Senate Minority Leader Lou DeLuca just can’t let it go. His ongoing feud with former state senator and now commissioner of the department on aging Edith Prague is stuff of legend at the Capitol. (On some occasions, DeLuca’s obsession was total crap.) Prague has been an irritant to DeLuca for years. DeLuca resigned his seat in 2007 and yet he still can’t let it go.

The Hartford Courant’s always-fun-to-read Java column reports that DeLuca, attending the elite-filled Brown Rudnick “Red Wine Party,” found it necessary to diss Prague in her new role as commissioner of the state department on aging. “Mark my words,” Java quoted DeLuca as saying. “In three months, Malloy (Gov. Dannel P. Malloy) will rue the day he appointed her as Commissioner on Aging.”

It’s kinda sad but not surprising that DeLuca has to hold onto his bitterness. It was The Shad’s experience while working on staff in the state senate that DeLuca is a two-bit thug. He once threatened me and poked his finger in my chest because I had the audacity to approach the area where he was being interviewed by a reporter. That happens to be standard procedure for communications people—listening to what the other side is saying.

Of course, let’s not forget that DeLuca had to resign his seat when he was arrested for asking Danbury mobster Jimmy Galante (who is now in the Big House) to tune up his grandson-in-law. A special senate committee had been formed to determine what, if any, action should be taken against DeLuca. I certainly didn’t shed a tear when Blue Lou was replaced as minority leader by the bright and reasonable Sen. John McKinney.

I should probably get a remote car starter after writing this but I hope Edith Prague achieves great success in her new job. Not just because I like her but because it will drive a bully up the wall.