One can tell a lot about what a political party thinks of its own candidates by how their leaders describe the specific races. In the case of Republican US Senate candidate Linda McMahon, the only defense is a constant offense.

Ask Republican state party Chairman Chris Healy what he thinks of McMahon’s likely match-up with Democrat Richard Blumenthal and you’ll get a steady stream of why voters should reject Blumenthal but very little as to why McMahon is worthy of support. When a party chief can recite reasons not to vote for the opponent as a first response, it says a lot about the party’s own candidate.

McMahon’s latest television ad confronts her tenure as CEO of WWE wrestling head-on with McMahon saying her former job was to head up a soap opera enjoyed by millions every week. Really? At last look, cast members of General Hospital weren’t dropping dead from steroid abuse. And national GOP Chairman Michael Steele’s defense of professional wrestling as family friendly was lame. He invited reporters to take a look at the audience at a wrestling show; there are a lot of families he argued. Unfortunately, that’s a comment on society and parenting more so than family-friendly entertainment. But being neither a psychologist nor a parent, The Shad won’t judge. But please don’t try to tell voters that real-life tragedies such as that involving wrestler Chris Benoit are somehow akin to As The World Turns.