The Amazing Impact Sports Teams Can Have in Times of Tragedy.

There comes a time after a heart-breaking tragedy that we look for temporary distractions. This is not to say we need to block out breaking news but we do need to get away from the constant, around-the-clock coverage especially when you live in the city where the unthinkable happened.

Such is the case here in Boston. Between my feelings of fury, fright, resolve and defiance, I found myself looking to my beloved Red Sox and Bruins to take me away from everything for three hours or so. It didn’t matter if they won the games, I just wanted to watch. And wow did they come through. It only confirmed my belief that Boston sports teams and the athletes themselves are like no other—just like the city itself.

The Red Sox were 650 miles away in Cleveland but it didn’t matter. They made it clear what was on their minds.


The hated Yankees showed they are a class organization and that we are all united in time of crises. This video gives me chills and draws a tear.

The Bruins game Monday night at TD Garden was rightfully cancelled. But they returned to the garden Wednesday night against Buffalo and they too showed what was on their minds (for those who don’t know, 617 is Boston’s area code).

Bruins 617

And finally, in another amazing tribute, the crowd eventually took over for the legendary Rene Rancourt during the national anthem (notice the shot of Canadian Shawn Thornton).

Boston strong, indeed.