Connecticut Democratic Party’s Obsession with Tom Foley

Some months ago The Shad wrote that 2010 Republican gubernatorial nominee Tom Foley was the clear frontrunner for the 2014 GOP nod. He lost to Gov. Dannel Malloy by a relative handful of votes and that margin was with the wackiness that was Bridgeport (they ran out of ballots, got a judge to extend voting hours and used the reverse 911 system to tell voters about it). My opinion on the 2014 race angered some of the other potential candidates for the nomination. Well, it seems the state Democratic Party agrees with me. They seem singularly concerned with Foley, to the exclusion of all other issues.

The last nine news releases from the state Dems dating back to March 28th are about Foley—his position (or lack thereof) on anti-gun violence legislation, his internal polling, and his testimony before the General Assembly.

This may be good news or bad news for potential contenders for the 2014 GOP nod. State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, House Minority Leader Larry Cafero, and Danbury Mayor (and 2010 nominee for lt. governor) Mark Boughton are all interested. Is it good news that the Dems are focused only on Foley, thereby freeing the others to position themselves for a run without early criticism? Or is it bad news that the opposition assumes Foley is the only one with a chance?

Either way we know the state Democratic Party believes Foley will be the nominee. It should be an interesting 2014 election cycle.