UPDATE: On Edge Here in Cambridge Since Just After Midnight

I have never seen anything like this. Sirens nonstop since around midnight. I’m on lockdown—can’t leave my apartment, streets closed, “T” shutdown, no fly zone over Boston. This was on the front doors of those of us in Cambridge.
Cambridge police

MIT police officer, whose job probably consists of breaking up frat parties, was ambushed, shot in the head without even getting out of his car. The two suspects lived on Norfolk St. here in Cambridge. At least the younger one when to Cambridge Ridge and Latin high school which is next to the main library. All of these areas of drama are near me in Cambridge.

The police chase went up Memorial Drive, not far from here. The suspects allegedly threw explosives out of the car. Hunt is on in neighboring Watertown. Questions remain: Does the remaining suspect have a bomb strapped to himself like his dead brother did? Did the two act alone or were they part of a cell?

Confusion, chaos, uncertainly, all reign in my town this morning.