After a protracted legal battle, state Secretary of State Democrat Susan Bysiewicz is off the ballot for state Attorney General, Democrat George Jepsen, a brilliant lawyer, will likely win the AG’s office and the Republican party is stuck with a 140,000 bill for its trouble. Now that’s what I call fiscal prudence.

As a refresher: Bysiewicz was leading in the polls for the Democratic nomination for governor when she switched races and announced she wanted to run for attorney general (speculation was that she would then run for US Senate in two years when the seat of Joseph Lieberman is up).

State Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy saw an opening when it came to light that a requirement to be attorney general was that the person have had 10 years of “active practice of law”—the phrase undefined. The case went to court where a judge ruled that Bysiewicz was indeed qualified. Healy appealed for the GOP and won. SuBy is off the ballot. Jepsen is in position to step in and the Republicans are stuck with a $140,000 attorney’s fees. Some rank and file are reportedly not happy.

Factor in the cost of the Republican primary for its nomination for AG between party-endorsed candidate and gun enthusiast Martha Dean (no word on if she will be packing at the polls) and Bysiewicz brother-in-law Ross Garber and you have one heck of a bill for which the GOP will likely have nothing to show. And that’s the party of fiscal responsibility?