In Massachusetts US Senate Primary, the Unbelievable Arrogance of Ed Markey

Few may be paying attention to it but there is an election in Massachusetts Tuesday that will very likely decide who will be the next United States senator from the Bay State. The contest between US Reps. Edward Markey and Stephen Lynch has seen some lively debates and creative TV advertising. But in the The Shad’s view, the race stands out because of the unbridled arrogance of Markey.

A couple of recent get-out-the-vote emails from the Markey campaign show a sense of entitlement and conceit rarely seen even in political campaigns which are routinely rife with such attitudes.

Last Thursday, this gem went out the Markey folks:


With just 5 days left before the primary we have some exciting news: Ed Markey, the man himself, will be joining us for a rally at Powder House Circle on Saturday at 9:30 AM! RSVP Here

Now is the time when the campaign is kicking in to high gear. We’ll be making phone calls tonight and tomorrow out of our New Office at 490 Broadway Ave in Somerville (in Magoun Square). And come Saturday, GOTV is in full swing with canvassing, phone banking, doorhangers and much more going on every day through election day. This is when your efforts translate directly into votes in the ballot box, and this when we need your help the most. So sign up for some shifts and come hear Ed Markey on Saturday at 9:30 AM.

We’re still recruiting for all positions for Election Day, so if you’re willing to give us your time, we’ll find a way that you can make a difference.

It’s Now Or Never!

The man himself??? I’ve been around a lot of campaigns and have never quite seen something like this. I chalked it up to some adoring and enamored campaign workers. Then this one Saturday:



4 days. We’ve got 4 days to close out this primary. 4 days to get Ed’s message to every corner of the commonwealth. 4 days to win.

So we’re making things interesting. I’m writing to tell you about the Walk with Ed sweepstakes. On Monday night Ed’s going to his last primary rally, in Malden, where it all began. And the top five canvassers are going to walk him from the train station to Malden High.
Sign up here to knock on doors this weekend.

As you read this, Ed’s crisscrossing the state, rallying the vote and standing up with supporters. He’s giving it all he’s got. Sign up here and join him.

Track and field runners sprint to the finish line then lean forward while they cross. Well we’re 4 days from the finish line and Ed’s sprinting. If you want to help him lean across, he needs you to sprint with him now.


P.S. Want to help out but can’t make it to Malden on Monday? Sign up here for a GOTV rally near you.

Thanks, Carl. I’ll be falling all over myself to win a chance to walk with Ed in the “Walk with Ed Sweepstakes.” One question: Do I genuflect first?

Maybe the Markey peeps can’t be blamed for their superciliousness. After all, when it became clear that John Kerry would be nominated for secretary of state, the Democratic establishment immediately anointed Markey. Kerry, folks like Caroline Kennedy, Victoria Reggie Kennedy (window of the late senator) and the entire party establishment added to the sense of entitlement for Markey.

Also troubling in this race is the rank hypocrisy of labor unions. Underdog Lynch is not just a reliable, staunch friend of labor, he is from their ranks. The son of a steel worker and postal clerk (both union members), he spent the first part of his working life high on the beams as a structural steel worker. He eventually because president of his union (the 2,000-strong local 7) before seeking public office. He is among labor’s biggest supporters.

Also an issue in this campaign is whether after 36 years in Congress Markey actually lives in his Massachusetts district.

But that doesn’t matter to unions like SEIU, RWDSU, APFA, other duplicitous alphabet soup labor groups and unbelievably, the United Steelworkers District 4 who all obeyed the party big wigs and endorsed Markey. I wonder if members get to kiss Markey’s ring.

The Markey-Lynch race may be little-noticed but it is Massachusetts. The Democratic primary will decide who the next US senator will be. It is also a case study in what is wrong with party politics.