Over a holiday weekend during an election cycle, there is always a chance voters may miss a particularly stinging opinion piece or otherwise predictable diatribe on one candidate or another. What’s a candidate on the good side of said hit piece to do? Circulate the column to everyone who will open it in their e-mail under the heading, “In Case You Missed It.”

Such was the case yesterday when Republican candidate for governor Michael Fedele blast-emailed Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie’s Sunday column that included an accurate criticism of Tom Foley, the front runner in the race for the GOP nomination for governor. Fedele, trailing badly in the polls, was only happy to share.

Rennie wrote, in part, “The wealthy Greenwich businessman, Foley (not Lamont), who’s financing his own Republican campaign for governor, is having troubles with his memory. He can’t remember at whose manse the party was held. He doesn’t know the names of the people in the car he struck from behind.

“He probably remembers his first big stock trade and the SAT scores that got him into Harvard. A night in jail? Pish-posh. Who recalls the details of an assault with a motor vehicle charge? What Foley characterizes as a routine fender bender felt like a deliberate ramming to his fellow partygoers in the car ahead of him. The police seem to have been persuaded by their version of the encounter.”

Rennie clearly didn’t hang with Sigma Chi. But the point is, with columns like these, Foley’s opponents need not attack him, they simply pass the column around and spread the word. Which of course, is what The Shad just did.