Vote on New Budget Likely to Come This Week; Senate Dems Caucusing Today

After weeks of negotiations between Democratic legislative leaders and the Malloy administration, the General Assembly is poised to vote on a tentative two-year spending plan this week after firming up some details. Senators will get a look at the details Tuesday when they meet to discuss it. Sources say a vote on a new spending plan will come before Saturday.

Various reports Friday pointed out few details of the plan are available but that it doesn’t include new taxes or increases on existing taxes. See an outline here.

The spending plan relies heavily on an alternative accounting system for federally reimbursed Medicaid spending—it won’t be counted under the spending cap anymore. That frees up space under the constitutionally mandated cap. Malloy sought to change the definition of the cap in his budget proposal but couldn’t get the votes needed (60 percent) in the state Senate.