Former Governor John Rowland, who along with his pastor, subbed for Jim Vicevich on WTIC-AM radio again yesterday, has held a parade of candidates for public office during his stint. Democratic candidate for governor Ned Lamont was apparently still too busy making like Usain Bolt in getting away from any debate with rival Dan Malloy to call in. That didn’t stop Rowland from hammering Lamont, ridiculing his claim that he wanted to spend the days before the primary “meeting face to face with Connecticut families.” Rowland is right.

The job then fell to Lamont’s running mate Simsbury First Selectman Mary Glassman to defend the Greenwich millionaire’s cowardly decision to skip the debate at The Garde in New London. Glassman had the guts to go on the air, take Rowland’s best shots (which were pretty good) and put up a facade of support for Lamont’s awful call. However in the end, it’s hard to defend the indefensible.

Full disclosure here: The Shad worked with Glassman on the senior staff of the state Senate Democratic caucus and admires her success and dedication as a public servant. Yesterday she was left to dangle. She towed the company line that Lamont decided that he and Malloy had made at least 25 joint appearances already and that meeting with voters was more important.

Rowland wasn’t buying it (nor was The Shad). The ironic part of the radio appearance was that Glassman was pushing for a debate with her counterpart, Malloy running mate Nancy Wyman, while defending Lamont’s decision not to debate Malloy. Clearly exasperated, Glassman eventually proposed a four-way, joint appearance—Lamont/Wyman v. Malloy/Glassman. It’s doubtful that will ever happen.