What Just Happened? The Inside Story of the 2013 Session of the Connecticut General Assembly

Scully Communications is now making available and booking dates for this special presentation, What Just Happened?, The Inside Story of the Connecticut General Assembly. The session was in some respects historic and in others a repeat of past mistakes. Consider these issues:
• A bipartisan response to the unthinkable Sandy Hook massacre, crime scene photos kept private and a new school for Sandy Hook.
• A new state budget. Is it a balanced, responsible plan that comes in under the spending cap? Or is it a gimmick-filled, smoke-and-mirrors budget that blows through the spending cap by billions?
• Keno in Connecticut.
• Drivers licenses for illegal immigrants.
• An increase in the minimum wage.
• A gas tax increase starting July 1 of this year.
• The 2014 campaign for governor now underway.
And much more.

In What Just Happened? NBC Connecticut political analyst and former Senate Democrats Communications Director Patrick Scully gives an insider’s perspective of just what the bills that passed in this session mean to business, families, individuals and the state in general as well as why certain bills failed.

Patrick is the author of the popular blog The Hanging Shad and operates Scully Communications, a full-service communications consulting business.
Prior to coming to the Connecticut legislature, Patrick was a familiar face on national television news and debate shows. Working in Manhattan, he appeared on popular shows such as ABC’s “World News Tonight,” NBC’s “Weekend Today,” MSNBC’s “Hardball,” CNN’s “Crossfire,” FOX News Channel’s “O’Reilly Factor” and “The Edge with Paula Zaun.” He has been interviewed by nationally known journalists such as Soledad O’Brien, Lester Holt, Mike Barnicle, Dan Abrams, Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson, Fredricka Whitfield and many others.

What Just Happened? is an informative, humorous and insightful presentation that is perfect for your company, business association, civic group or school.

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