The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

Zamboni water fill only

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these. Now that the legislative session is over and things have slowed down, with apologies to Boston Globe sports writer Nick Cafardo from whom I stole the name, here is The Hanging Shad’s “Apropos of Nothing.”

1. There is nothing more exciting than the NHL playoffs. By this time in the season (even a shortened one like the current one), players are pretty much beaten up. However, it’s simply not in their psyche to give in. I love the Red Sox’s Jacoby Ellsbury but he “tweaked his groin” in a recent game and missed the next five games. Meanwhile, during a short-handed situation, the Bruins’ Gregory Campbell threw his body in front of a booming slap shot. It caught him in the leg and broke his right fibula. He finished his shift instead of staying down or skating to the bench which would have left the Bruins on the down side of a five on three situation. He played almost a full minute with a broken leg. Just sayin’.

2. Speaking of the Bruins, their ol’ fashioned butt-whipping of the Penguins was a thing of beauty especially because all-world center Sid “The Skid” Crosby was held pointless while complaining to the referees the entire time. A member of the Boston media who was on a Jet Blue flight tweeted:
Joe Haggerty @HackswithHaggs
Baby crying in back of Jet Blue flight packed w/Boston media. Pilot just got on intercom and asked if “Sidney Crosby was in the back crying”

3. Recently, a New Haven man was taken to the hospital for evaluation after he was seen doing pushups in the middle of the street. The thing is, he was naked at the time. It would be just another routine day in Somerville, Mass.

4. In the recently concluded legislative session, state House Minority Leader Larry Cafero apparently held hostage a bill creating an Office of Early Childhood unless the Senate took up his bow-hunting-on-Sundays bill. The Senate didn’t take it up and Cafero wouldn’t call the bill for the kids. And this guy wants to be governor?

5. I’ve said this before but the people at NBC Connecticut are the nicest, most competent professionals there are. Or maybe they just love me for the munchkins I bring in when I have an appearance. The Shad runs on Dunkin for sure.

6. It’s hard to believe something like this still happens in this day and age—I guess I’m still naïve about these things. A Papa John’s pizza delivery guy in Florida was fired after accidentally leaving a racist voicemail on a customer’s phone. Check it out: