Texas Gov. Perry’s Awful Sense of Timing

Today is the six-month anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre in which 20 children and six educators were slain. And as we all know by now, Texas Gov. Rick “Poachin’” Perry is coming to Connecticut Monday to try to lure business from Connecticut to the Lone Star State. His main target will be gun manufacturers. Talk about your bad timing.

Perry shooting

Any Perry visit in which he openly tries to steal businesses from Connecticut will draw criticism from some. But to court gun makers so close to the anniversary of the Newtown shooting shows Perry is tone deaf to the victims’ families.

We all know Texas’ gun control laws are among the most lax in the nation. Texans pride themselves on the fact they can basically pack heat whenever they want. That’s all fine and good. No one has to live there if they don’t want to. However, a little sympathy for the victims of those killed by a mentally deranged kid carrying a semiautomatic weapon might be in order.

Bells rang and an interfaith service was held in Newtown this morning to mark the anniversary. Also today, a new organization is being announced and there is a day-long festival for kids is being held Saturday. Then Monday Perry meets gun makers at Max’s Downtown in Hartford. Appalling.