Laws, Guns and Money—Governors Coming to Connecticut to Lure Businesses

Saying the business climate—particularly for gun manufacturers—is bad in Connecticut and better in their states, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard are coming to town to try to convince businesses to move.

Perry is clearly the more aggressive of the two, launching a $1 million TV and radio ad campaign targeted at Connecticut and New York. Perry has taken a rather in-your-face approach touting the fact that gas prices, unemployment, taxes, (there is no income tax in Texas), regulation and the business climate in general are better in the Lone Star State.

South Dakota’s Daugaard is taking the more traditional approach, flying under the radar until it was reported by the Hartford Courant’s fine business reporter Dan Haar. State officials visit rival states to lure business all the time. It’s just not done Perry’s way.

Gov. Dannel Malloy has been unimpressed about the visits, particularly Perry’s saying, “He can do and say whatever he wants, I ultimately think it’s about his running for President.”

Malloy has reiterated that Connecticut fights for every job possible and has in some cases, won. As for the gun makers, he has said, “we reached out, we’d like them to stay in our state as long as they’re producing a product that can be legally sold to consumers in the United States.”

For their part, gun manufacturers don’t feel welcome.

The timing of the visits is at best unfortunate and at worst, offensive. Friday, ceremonies were held in Newtown to commemorate the six month anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.