Shocking: Cafero Passes on Run for Governor

State House Minority Leader Larry Cafero has decided against running for the Republican nomination for governor in 2014. Not exactly an earth-shattering development. The only thing shocking about it is that he thought enough of his chances to hold a news conference to make the “announcement.”

It’s not just that Cafero was videotaped in connection with the FBI probe of corruption at the state capitol (and there are still questions about his involvement) or his questionable duality as both a state legislator and an employee of Brown Rudnick, one of the state’s most influential lobbying firms. Yes, those are good enough reasons not to run. But even absent those problems Cafero remains a shallow, egotistical bloviator who never had a chance in the first place.

Cafero tells The [Norwalk] Hour that he is deciding now “to sort of clear the field, to let your party know where you stand early enough.” Clear the field for whom? Senate Minority John McKinney? Please. McKinney doesn’t need Cafero to get out of the way. He is clearly the more serious legislator, possesses the better temperament, and is much better liked.

The field shapes up nicely with McKinney and popular Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton thinking seriously about taking on 2010 nominee Tom Foley who has already said he is running. It should be a fun race for us politicos to watch. Whoever prevails will face Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy who is being annoyingly coy about his intention to seek reelection.