Blumenthal: Terror Threat “Real and Credible”

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As the US evacuates the Yemen embassy, Connecticut US Sen. Richard Blumenthal tells The Hanging Shad that the threat to American and other interest in the region is extremely serious. “The information we have been receiving is real and credible. It’s different from the intelligence we’ve received in the past.”

The US closed some two dozen embassies in terror-prone regions and will keep them closed at least until later this week. Quick developments yesterday led to the evacuation in Yemen and other measures. Blumenthal strongly supports the moves. “These are reliable sources and the information certainly warrants [the further security measures].

Blumenthal will be spending a considerable amount of time in Connecticut as Congress starts its five-week break. He and US Rep. Rosa DeLauro will be in Middletown to tour Pegasus Manufacturing. They will be discussing the Manufacturing Reinvestment Account Act. It enables manufacturers to start a manufacturing reinvestment bank account, similar to an individual retirement account (IRA).