A New Haven Treasure Backs Toni Harp for Mayor

One of the best parts of political campaigns is the imparting of wisdom and advice from elder statesmen—those men and women who have been there, experienced the best and the worst of the job. Their input is invaluable. Such is the case with former state Treasurer Henry Parker who this past weekend threw his support to Toni Harp in the race for mayor of New Haven

Parker is something of an institution in New Haven which means his endorsement of Harp is significant. (The Shad is consulting on the Harp 2013 campaign.) His personal story is quite powerful. A story on Parker in the New Haven Register a few years ago really opened my eyes to the man’s accomplishments. “Despite growing up in abject poverty during the Great Depression, at a time when African-Americans were deprived of many basic rights, Parker went to college, became Connecticut’s second black treasurer — the first person to serve in the job full time — and was an extraordinary leader in the civil rights movement on the city, state and national levels,” the story read.

Sen. Harp was thrilled that Parker wrote a ringing endorsement of her. “I am absolutely thrilled and humbled to have Henry’s backing in this race. He is one of the state’s most respected elder statesmen and a true New Haven treasure,” she said.

Parker concluded that Harp is the right choice for mayor of New Haven. “Toni Harp’s historic decision to run for Mayor of the City of New Haven is indeed appropriate. Her enriched experience as a public official and her enlightened leadership hold forth the promise of meaningful efforts to address local problems that threaten the quality of life for the citizens of New Haven,” he said.