Foley’s Campaign is the Costa Concordia of Politics—It Might Get Righted but it’s Not Salvageable

We’re all witnessing the destruction of Tom Foley’s gubernatorial campaign. Or perhaps it’s better described as a self-immolation. The 2010 Republican gubernatorial nominee made some serious allegations against Gov. Dannel Malloy on “Face the State” last Sunday and instead of walking back the charges that he said “everyone knows,” “I believe it’s true,” “I’ve heard” but of which he has no proof, he has dug in his heels. The latest edition of the “Foley Follies” came on WNPR’s “Where We Live” hosted by the even-keeled, always fair-minded John Dankosky.

It takes a lot to frustrated, annoy and maybe even anger Dankosky. Foley was able to accomplish it by constantly making his situation worse and refusing to answer direct questions. Dankosky was even insulted when Foley, who claims he has proof of his allegations to “journalist standards,” said he has “won” because one of his allegations was true. He proclaimed that out of four serious allegations, he needed only one to be true. Dankosky proceeded to school Foley. “Just so you know, we as journalists don’t throw out a bunch of allegations and hope one of them sticks…just so you know.” Good stuff.


Even if you don’t have the time to hear all of it, Dankosky’s interview with Foley is worth a listen.

Foley’s campaign is sinking, in flames, while still in dry dock. With so many legitimate issues to press, Foley has chosen a disastrous path to start.