Malloy Talks About Putting the Kids First; Status-Quo Defenders Freak

Gov. Dannel Malloy has the audacity to put the education of students in Connecticut first—before teachers unions, before obstructionists; before people who are out to get him politically. Backing education reform to increase the quality of public education, to close the nation’s worst achievement gap, and to reduce the troubling drop-out rate is a courageous stand to take with an election year looming.

Malloy was Washington, DC Monday and spoke at a forum put on by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a conservative think tank. Malloy’s presentation was titled, “School Reform ‘do’s and don’ts’: Lesson from Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy.”

Realizing the tough financial situation the state is in, Malloy was noncommittal on increasing funding next year. Watch Malloy’s remarks here.

Malloy knows from where he speaks. In his efforts to reform education in the state has been opposed at every turn by the teachers unions and their flunkies. Education reform opponents point to the fact that Malloy was speaking to a “conservative” think tank. The fact is, Malloy doesn’t care about political ideologies when it comes to education reform. He simply wants to put the kids first.

One of his “don’ts” could easily be, “Don’t snub a union lackey for a position in your administration because he’ll spend all his energy opposing you no matter what you do.” But it won’t be. Malloy has long ago dismissed his hater-in-chief Jonathan Pelto, a union puppet who is apoplectic over Malloy speaking to AEI. He claims Malloy is engaged in a “never-ending effort to alienate every teacher and public education advocate in Connecticut.” Please. Pelto’s nonstop opposition to putting the kids first is getting a bit old but one has to admire his persistence.

Malloy will continue to strive to make education in Connecticut work for the kids and the parents. This position will not hurt him in next year’s election, it will help him. Parents and rank-and-file teachers realize that the status quo isn’t working. In fact, the state’s achievement gap is a national embarrassment that Malloy won’t stand for. He should applauded for his efforts.