Easing Back into the Flow as Sun is Traded for Snow

The Hanging Shad is a firm believer in pacing oneself after a wonderful vacation. It is still very strange going from 82 degrees and sunshine to the remnants of the first snow storm of the season and more to come. However, a week in the South is plenty for this New England Shad. So what’s been going on?

It seems the 2014 Connecticut gubernatorial race is thus far shaping up as a repeat of the 2012 presidential race. There is a Democratic incumbent who is seen as vulnerable and a field of would-be Republican challengers who can’t seem to break out of the pack.

So far the best 2010 GOP nominee Tom Foley, state Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, state Sen. Toni Boucher and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton have to offer is a wig-out over Gov. Dannel Malloy’s fundraising and his routine security detail which is the same as every governor in the nation get—not very impressive.

I am hearing Boughton is engaged in some impressive fundraising as he positions himself as the anti-General Assembly candidate, a people’s mayor who can draw Democratic votes as well. That doesn’t help in a GOP primary but it can’t hurt that Boughton isn’t a rich guy from Fairfield County.

In other news, the narcissistic John Rowland continues to show he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the people of the state of Connecticut or their tax money. Rowland doubled-down on his contention that he didn’t target union members for layoffs back in 2003. The state’s reasoned and brilliant Attorney General George Jepsen made the call not to continue to appeal the loss of Rowland’s case but rather enter into settlement talks with the affected labor groups. Rowland has other designs so the state continues to pay.

There is no telling how long Rowland will get to take sycophantic calls on his radio show while bending (breaking?) the truth on important issues. A person with intimate knowledge of the federal grand jury system tells The Shad that a grand jury impaneled in New Haven continues to investigate Rowland’s role in the 2012 fifth congressional district Republican primary. For those who don’t remember, Rowland was a “nonpaid” advisor to candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley while being paid handsomely as a consultant by Foley’s husband. On the radio, he was railing against Wilson-Foley’s opponents before it was disclosed he was in her camp. The key to the case, the insider tells me, is candidate Mark Greenberg’s contention that Rowland approached him and proposed a similar scheme in 2010 (Greenberg lost bids in 2010 and 2012 and is running again in 2014). Then there is the possibility Rowland held a no-show job promoting economic development in Waterbury paid for in part by that city’s taxpayers. There is no end to the ethically challenged, disgraced former governor’s questionable antics.

We shouldn’t be lulled to sleep in thinking the grand jury hasn’t concluded its consideration of Rowland’s shenanigans. I’m told these matters could take a very long time.

It’s snowing again tomorrow? Where’s my mango smoothie?