TK2 to Run for a Retiring Sen. Meyer’s Seat? Meyer: “If I Don’t Run Again, I’ll Court Him to Succeed me”

A major political development may be on the horizon in Connecticut as Democratic state Sen. Ed Meyer decides whether he will seek another term this fall. Meyer, who tells The Hanging Shad he has not yet decided for sure whether to seek reelection, says that if he doesn’t, he’ll encourage Ted Kennedy, Jr. to run and says he believes TK2 is interested.

“Teddy is a good friend and we talk often,” Meyer said this morning. “I believe he is looking for a change in career and he is interested in going into electoral life. I think he would be a great successor [to me].”

Rumors have been swirling at the Capitol that Meyer is retiring and that TK2 will run for his seat. The fact that Kennedy has been at the Capitol lately attending hearings and taking notes has fed the talk of a plan to have Kennedy replace a retiring Meyer. Although Meyer says he is not quite there yet, he sounds like he thinks it may be time to call it quits. “Well, [his wife] Patty Ann and I sit down every February or so and talk about it. But I am 76 years old and I have 13 grandchildren so those are things we have to consider.”

Kennedy sold his interest in his law firm and joined another, Epstein Becker Green. The move would allow him to continue his work in the health care and life sciences fields and allow him to run for the Senate seat.

Meyer said he knows Kennedy is interested in getting involved in politics. “He told me that he had a conversation with his father [US Sen. Edward M. Kennedy] before he died and they talked about the importance of public service.”