Is Cafero’s Call for Tax Cuts Using Surplus also a Slap at Foley?

Here’s a theory: It seems there is no love lost between state House Minority Larry Cafero and Republican candidate for governor Tom Foley. Last March, Foley strolled into a legislative committee and dropped a bomb—an ethics proposal that would, if implemented, ban many lawmakers from serving in the legislature, including Cafero.

At that March hearing Foley even seemed to single out Cafero. As CTNewsjunkie reported, Foley said, “When people hear about people being partners in law firms that lobby, and they’re paid a full-time salary and they’re serving here in the legislature, they’re disgusted. They find it reviling and everybody here thinks it’s okay and it’s not. . . Don’t permit the conflicts of interests and the sleaziness that exists here.” Cafero is an attorney at Brown Rudnick. His firm lobbies the legislature.

Fast forward to this week when the administration of Gov. Dannel Malloy reported that the state now has a budget surplus of more than $500 million. Foley pounced. Both he and his foundation ridiculed Malloy’s claim of a surplus calling it, “a phony election-year surplus.”

The very next day Cafero was stridently calling for tax cuts to return part of the surplus to businesses and consumers. It’s not surprising that Cafero would call for tax cuts. But in this case, by doing so, he gets the added satisfaction of implicitly schooling Foley who the day before claimed there was no surplus.

It’s just a theory.