Malloy on CNN: “I am not Going to be a Candidate for President [in 2016]

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy scored a high-profile spot on a panel that included potential presidential contenders on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Candy Crowley Sunday. Malloy appeared with fellow governors Republicans Rick Perry of Texas and Mike Pence of Indiana, and Democrat Jay Nixon of Missouri.

At one point in the interview, Crowley asked each panelist if he would rule out a 2016 presidential run. Pence and Nixon equivocated, Perry said he would not rule it out, and Malloy said flatly, “I am not going to be a candidate for president.” Of course, Malloy is up for reelection this year so 2016 is probably not on the front burner.

The group covered a number of hot button issues including gun control after Newtown.

While Malloy’s answers were a bit halting, he had the goods on all the topics particularly the minimum wage on which he rattled off some impressive statistics supporting an increase.

Malloy has already gotten props from President Obama on the minimum wage issue. “Governor Malloy is doing extraordinary work in Connecticut to lift their minimum wage and give more hardworking Americans a raise,” President Obama said, according to a release from the Malloy administration.

Malloy is in Washington for the National Governor’s Association meeting.