Malloy Maintains his High National Profile this Week by Tangling with LA Gov. Jindal

Just yesterday, Gov. Dannel Malloy appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” as a part of a panel that included potential Republican presidential candidates Govs. Rick Perry of Texas and Mike Pence of Indiana. Malloy was asked if he’d run for president (he said no). Monday, it was Malloy who grabbed the microphone to answer Louisiana Gov. and potential presidential candidate Bobby Jindal’s criticism of the President Obama on the minimum wage and the Keystone pipeline.

The appearance of the initially bipartisan group of governors was designed to show they were united on some issues. That quickly deteriorated.

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The bigger picture for Malloy is that he is front and center at these National Governors Association meetings over the past few days. He is appearing opposite potential GOP presidential contenders; he was singled out for praise on the minimum wage issue by the president himself. Malloy’s aggressive move to grab the mic to counter Jindal was impressive.