Legislative leaders are in a holding pattern on addressing the US 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on the state’s campaign finance reform law and will not schedule a special session of the General Assembly just yet. Leaders have decided to first see how US District Court Judge Stefan Underhill handles the parts of the case that were sent back to him for reconsideration by the higher court.

State Senate Majority Leader Marty Looney tells The Shad that it is “slightly premature” to go forward with a special session until it’s clear just what issues they’re dealing with. The appeals court said the state cannot ban lobbyists or their families from contributing to political candidates; cannot ban contractors or lobbyists from soliciting contributions; but can deal with funding for minor parties just as it does. Also importantly, the court ruled unconstitutional the “triggering provisions” of the law—when a self-funded candidate spends a certain amount, more public funding is granted to the participating candidate under the current law.