Duff Holds Advantage for Majority Leader over Crisco, Fonfara

For the first time in some ten years, the state Senate will choose a new leader of the caucus. When Senate President Don Williams announced he was not seeking reelection, it set off something of a chain reaction. Current Majority Leader Martin Looney will move up to replace Williams and it appears Sen. Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) has the support to become the new majority leader according to caucus insiders.

Duff has been working quietly to line up support for when there is an opening. There’s one now and Duff looks ready to make his move. Insiders say Sen. Joe Crisco (D-Woodbridge) and John Fonfara (D-Hartford) are also interested in the position but it seems Duff has lined up enough senators to take the office.

Duff tells The Hanging Shad he has at least informally seeking support for some time. “About two years now,” he said.

Sen. Beth Bye, a Duff supporter, sees an effective team with Martin Looney and as senate president and Duff as majority leader. “Marty comes from the urban setting and Bob, being from Norwalk, has seen both the wealthy and the poor in his district. Bob is pragmatic, a consensus builder who listens to people.”