Murphy Ahead of the Curve on Ukraine

United State Senator from Connecticut, Christopher Murphy - 2013It certainly seems like the wheels have come completely off on the situation in Ukraine. Connecticut US Sen. Chris Murphy saw this coming before anyone was paying attention. It was back before Christmas (Dec. 20th) when Murphy appeared in Ukraine with Republican Sen. John McCain. Here’s a flashback to what The Hanging Shad posted at that time:

Murphy Continues to Raise National Profile; Talks Ukraine, NSA with NBC’s Chuck Todd

Connecticut US Sen. Chris Murphy has been very visible lately. The freshman junior senator has been making some high-profile appearances including accompanying Republican US Sen. John McCain to Ukraine as that country deals with unrest. It’s should be noted that Murphy is raising his national profile on issues ranging from gun control to the NSA to international affairs. Friday morning, he did a lengthy segment with NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd on MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown.”