At the Present Time in the Race, Boughton Well Positioned

Danbury Connecticut Mayor Mark BoughtonThe latest Quinnipiac poll shows former ambassador Tom Foley with a healthy lead among Republicans vying for the party nomination for governor and has him tied with Gov. Dannel Malloy. But here is also some good news for Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton who is well positioned at this point in the race. Boughton is emerging as the alternative to Foley even though he gets only 11 percent in the poll. The key is a full 35 percent of GOP voters are undecided. Boughton also helped himself immensely by choosing former Groton Mayor Heather Bond Somers as his running mate.

A poll on the race in March really means little. Eight months out from the election is a lifetime in politics. But the Q poll does show who is positioned to challenge Foley in the coming months. Foley has some serious baggage as Democrats showed in 2010 when Malloy edged Foley by the slimmest of margins. This time around, even more information is known about an incident in 1981 when Foley apparently channeled Joie Chitwood on the road. He spent the night in the hooskow. Don’t think his GOP rivals won’t exploit that as well as his alleged role in closing down factories.

Boughton tells The Hanging Shad that fundraising is going well as he works to gain name recognition and garner as much of that 35 percent undecided voting block as possible. It’s important to note that in the poll, Boughton beats state Senate Minority Leader John McKinney who got only three percent (McKinney, a bright and hard-working legislator, has some serious work to do.)

Foley has stumbled out of the gate, basically accusing Malloy of being a crook. When he claimed he had the proof “up to journalistic standards,” he honked off the press. He couldn’t or wouldn’t provide said proof.

It will be an exciting time for politicos from now until November.