Foley to Release his Own Think Tank’s Urban Policy Project

Republican Tom Foley casual portrait

Tom Foley lost the 2010 race for governor because he did poorly in the state’s cities (we’ll leave alone for now Bridgeport’s creative moves after they ran out of ballots and used the reverse 911 system they could still vote after the polls were supposed to be closed).

So a focus on the cities it is. After Foley lost in 2010, he being of enormous wealth, started his own think tank, the Connecticut Policy Institute (CPI). Friday morning Foley holds a news conference to unveil CPI’s policy project for urban areas of the state. Or better put, what can Foley do this time around to make up at least 7,000 votes, the amount he lost by.

He made the announcement that he wanted a rematch in a nondescript Bridgeport conference room—a sure sign he will be courting the urban vote. The latest Quinnipiac poll—just like every other poll that has been conducted about a Foley – Malloy rematch—has the race dead even.

If Foley can squeeze another 20,000 votes or so out of the state’s cities, he has a very good shot at unseating Malloy; or so he and his think tank people believe.