The Quinnipiac University poll on the race for US Senate shows Democrat Richard Blumenthal continuing to lead former wrestling executive Linda McMahon by a wide, albeit smaller, margin.

The attorney general holds a 17-point lead over McMahon and seems quite content to run out the clock; metaphorically raising McMahon’s arm three times until she’s counted out. Blumenthal has kept a bit of a low profile since seemingly weathering the storm brought on by his misstatements (or “lies” to critics) about his service in Vietnam.

McMahon, meanwhile, is the self-financing equivalent of the BP Oil Well Disaster—her money is flowing uncontrollably out of her wells of wealth and none of it seems to be doing her much good. She has spent more than $21 million of her own money in the race and hasn’t come close to Blumenthal (The Hartford Courant’s Rick Green has his usually perceptive take on this today). Her first obstacle is petitioning candidate Peter Schiff, possessor of the financial meltdown crystal ball. He is at best, an annoyance—but an expensive one. McMahon leads him in the poll but obviously has to get past him in August before taking on Blumenthal in November.