She May Not Win, but Dean’s Candidacy is Bad News for Foley

Martha Dean carries some serious political baggage as she enters the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination but she can be a spoiler if the race tightens up.

Dean is already getting clobbered for her past posting of a Sandy Hook “Truther” video on her Facebook page. She was shredded trying to defend the posting on former Gov. John Rowland’s radio show and universally derided as being cra-cra. (Listen to the radio interview here) She does however, have the support of strident Second Amendment defenders as well as right-wing gun nut bars. That’s no small thing in this race.

Gun rights advocates were sort of defaulting to Tom Foley who leads the pack in the latest Q-Poll but with only 36 percent support (with 35 percent expressing no preference). Foley has been fairly ambiguous about his position on gun control. Back in January, he told hundreds of gun owners at a meeting of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL) in Middletown that as governor he would veto any further control measures. He would not go so far as to call for the post-Newtown laws to be repealed. That’s sort of a wishy-washy position for some strident gun owners particularly like those in the CCDL. Great logo, eh?ccdl_logo

Dean will certainly peel off the “gun vote,” significantly hurting Foley and helping Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton and state Senate Minority Leader John McKinney. Boughton favors a focus on the “mental health crisis” that leads to gun violence. He is also a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the group formed by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. McKinney helped craft the the post-Newtown gun control bills and has staunchly defended them.

While Dean claims her campaign will focus on issues beyond Second Amendment issues, it’s clear gun-rights voters are her base. In fact, most people learned of her candidacy on the CCDL’s website. She also posted it on her Facebook page—the same page where she posted the “Truther” video.