The political contests that usually get the most attention often are those that have the most sniping, name-calling, charges, counter-charges and general nastiness. This is particularly true of party primary races. So while the Republican and Democratic contests for governor have been getting a lot of attention, soon to break on the radar screen is the race for the Democratic nomination for comptroller between state Health Care Advocate Kevin Lembo and Waterbury Mayor Michael Jarjura.

With an impressive kick at the end, Lembo qualified for public financing by raising $75,000 or more in $100 increments. Jarjura had already qualified. The two have already had a bitter dust-up or two with—in the words of my 10-year old nephew would use—“He [Jarjura] started it!”

Jarjura, apparently trying to play on the perceived advantages of “outsider” candidates, said Lembo was an establishment candidate or “insider.” Problem is, Jajura was a state representative for 10 years and has served multiple terms as mayor of the Brass City. Tough to argue the other guy is the insider with a resume like that.

Lembo promptly pointed out Jarjura’s connection to the Family Institute of Connecticut, a conservative, anti-abortion, anti-gay rights group. It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which the state comptroller would be involved in such issues but simply raising the issue demonstrates the depths to which the rhetoric in this one might sink.