What’s worse than making a very bad decision the fallout from which is still being felt? The answer is waffling on whether to correct it or not.

Such is the case with the frontrunner in the race for governor, Ned Lamont. First, he agreed to debate his Democratic rival Dan Malloy in New London at the end of this month. His people agreed to the rules including speaking order. Even the invitations were approved. But then someone must have reviewed the last debate between the two in which Malloy cleaned Lamont’s clock. Lamont bailed on New London.

Since then, newspapers, bloggers (including The Shad) and the general voting public have hammered Lamont for not debating. And worse, for his reasoning—he already had 25 “debates” with Malloy (not true) and that he could better connect with voters with personal meetings (no one’s buying that either).

Now, WFBS-TV (Channel 3) anchor and host of “Face the State” Dennis House reports that Lamont did yet another flip that would make members of Cirque du Soleil proud. House last night (Thursday) taped this Sunday’s FTS with Lamont as guest. Channel 3, WNPR radio and the Connecticut Network (CT-N) are putting together debates for both the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor. After House pressed Lamont on the debate question, the poll-leading Lamont said, “I won’t rule it out.”

Ah, so now we’re getting somewhere, right? Not so fast. House says that after the taping, Lamont Communications Director Justine Session closed the door her boss had just minutes ago cracked open—Lamont would not participate in the Channel 3 debate. The moral of the story? Either stick with your decision (as crappy as this one is) or have the courage to reverse it decisively.

In any event, Sunday’s “Face the State” is a must-watch at 11 am and repeated on CT-N Sunday night. Also appearing is the unusually quiet Dick Blumenthal, the frontrunner in the race for US Senate.