We Simply Couldn’t Have Asked for More—Lee Whitnum, Democrat for Governor

Variety is the spice of life. And cra-cra candidates are the spice of campaigns. Just when political analysts and writers thought they had manna from heaven with Martha “Truther” Dean entering the race for governor on the Republican side, the Democrats’ own Lee “Kookoo for Coco Puffs” Whitnum of Greenwich enters the race. What more could The Shad Ask for?

Whitnum is famous, or infamous, for her closing statement back in April of 2012 when she was running for the Democratic nomination for US Senate against state Rep. William Tong, then-Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz and now-US Sen. Chris Murphy. I was sitting about 25 feet from the debate stage at the time. Let’s relive that shining moment:

If you couldn’t tell from the clip, she called Murphy “a whore,” Tong “ignorant,” and Bysiewicz “a zealot.” If you wrote such script for a movie, you’d be dismissed as wholly unbelievable.

When Whitnum isn’t running for office and embarrassing herself, she’s suing people who actually have the nerve to call her out as the anti-Semitic nut bar she is.

What a great campaign ’14 will be!