In Rowland Irony, his Biggest Backer Takes Over his Show

“John Rowland today [2005] is not the same guy he was in 2003. He’s very much in tune with his weakness, more sensitive and more humble.”

Who said it? New Life Church Pastor Will Marotti who takes over Rowland’s 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. WTIC-AM radio show Monday. Seems kind of weird. Marotti was Rowland’s spiritual advisor since he hit the federal klink in 2004. I guess it didn’t take. He launched a mini-campaign to rehabilitate the former governor’s image. Now that could hurt Marotti’s credibility on the air. If he was so wrong about his close friend’s changed approach to life, how can listeners take what he says seriously?

The big question is will Marroti address the Rowland situation? Journalistically, he absolutely should. It’s a huge story in the state. But it won’t happen.

WTIC is taking a beating from all quarters for sticking with the former and likely future felon. I know many of the people that work at the station and like them all. But that didn’t stop me from taking them to task about the Foley-Rowland business when it was happening in 2012.

It’s a fair question how long Marotti will stay. There are whispers that he doing the radio shows to increase membership in his church. Doubtful. His church doesn’t need the help. But the other thing to consider is that despite his often truth-challenged content, Rowland can do radio (maybe they have a station in the Big House). But Marroti is a different story. He’s predictable, has terrible pipes and his pace slogs along like Delicious Dish—not good for afternoon drive. And he doesn’t seem to excited to taking over the shift, a time slot other talk show hosts would die for

I’ll be listening…