YouTube has become a source of information, annoyance and even turmoil for political candidates and now the wildly popular website for home-posted video and audio has entered into the primary campaign for the Republican nomination for US Congress Connecticut’s 4th District.

Three Republicans are competing for the chance to challenge incumbent Democrat Jim Himes—party-endorsed candidate state Sen. Dan Debicella, Rob Merkle of Norwalk and Rick Torres of Bridgeport. Himes is seen by some national observers and pollsters as the most vulnerable of Connecticut’s incumbents. He is finishing his first term, the district was represented by a Republican before him and the supposed anti-incumbent, nationwide fervor are all reasons.

But now feuding among the Republicans is taking center stage. It’s a YouTube video poking fun at the arrest of Merkle ten years ago on marijuana charges.

Merkle blames the Torres campaign for the video and claims it is an effort to distract voters from other issues in the campaign. The Connecticut Post has more details on the increasingly nasty primary race.

Debicella, not-affectionately known as “Decibel” behind closed doors in the state Senate for his bloviating floor speeches, is the clear favorite in the primary.