Dems’ DiNardo Throws the FBI at GOP’s Foley

The state Democratic Party has been issuing a steady stream of news releases slamming 2010 Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley. Tuesday party chair Nancy DiNardo stepped it up a bit, asking Foley to answer questions about possible FBI involvement and the toxic and indicted John Rowland.

Rowland had was has been described as an advisory role to Foley in the 2010 campaign—a race Foley lost by about 8,000 votes. Since Rowland faces federal election fraud charges stemming from an “advisory” role, DiNardo wants Foley to answer loaded questions about possible FBI involvement in that campaign.

DiNardo asks Foley: “1. Were you ever interviewed by the FBI or any other authority regarding any approaches John Rowland may have made to you? And “2. If so, what was your response?”

Rowland is clearly radioactive these days. DiNardo is taking a shot in the dark by trying to link the FBI to Foley.

Stay tuned.