Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont has been getting slapped around by reporters, editorial boards and everyday voters for refusing to debate party-endorsed rival Dan Malloy. Lamont’s advisors may want to convince their candidate not to do any more TV interviews either. If you’re going to try to sit on a lead and run out the clock, you might as well go all the way.

Lamont’s appearance on Sunday’s “Face the State” (WFSB-TV, Channel 3) hosted by Dennis House, was nothing short of a disaster. House gave Lamont every possible chance to give specifics on how he would address the pressing issues facing the state including the monstrous state budget deficit, possible union concessions, job creation and the state’s economic development policy of giving millions to move a company from one town to another. Even though House pressed, Lamont responded with generalities and platitudes using the default qualifiers, “probably,” “broadly speaking” and “I see the governor’s point.”

And then there was Lamont’s laughable explanations about refusing to debate that House reported after the taping of the show last week.